Petrol RC Cars – What to Buy

So you have decided to buy an RC toy? First things first you need to think about where you want to play. With the numerous varieties of RC toys available you can make air, land, or water your play space.

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If racing on concrete is what you are after then the obvious choice of toy for you would be something like a truck, car or motorcycle. These types of toy can either run on Nitro, Gas or electric. If you live in a built up area it may be best to avoid nitro cars and these tend to be rather noisy.

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If you want to race off road it’s best to choose a model that has been designed for that type of terrain. If you fancy getting a little muddy ensure the model you choose has protection for the cars internal parts.

The last thing you want is to drive your new RC truck through a puddle for it to fry the insides.

How about taking to the skies as your playground? There are so many different flying RC toys available today such as airplanes, helicopters and blimps. They are available in a number of sizes for beginners to professionals.


This type of RC toy will take some practice to master but when you have done so you will have endless hours of fun.

Maybe the water is your desired playing surface? There is a vast amount of models available from boats to hovercrafts to jetski’s so you are sure to find something that will meet your requirements.

If a water going toy is something for you it’s important to consider where you will use it. A small boat may not do as well on a river as it would on a still lake or pond.
Don’t forget to shop around and compare prices to ensure that you get the perfect toy for you for the best value.

Petrol RC Cars – Technology’s Increasing

With the constant advances in technology it’s no surprise the world of RC cars has grown greatly. Many people may think that’s RC cars and trucks are just for children, but that really is not the case, but yes these powerful little vehicles have the power to throw you back to your childhood and provide you with hours and hours of fun.

One of the main things that appeals to the adult market is that a lot of these cars can be tuned up and settings can be changed to ensure you are getting the utmost best from your car.

For beginners cars that are powered by electric are the best choice. They are easy to control, build and maintain and are suited to users of all ages.

If you want a more exhilarating car you could always go for a gas powered model. These cars have been known to reach speeds of 50-60 miles per hour and are renowned for their durability. With these cars not only do you get great enjoyment but you also get the responsibility to maintain it such as cleaning it after each use.

Some parts of these cars can develop wear and tear quicker than other parts. If you push your car to its limits and don’t have a good maintenance routine you may find your will need to replace parts more regularly.

If you want to purchase an RC car and you’re not sure where to start, you can log onto the internet and visit one of the numerous RC Car forums where you will be able to locate recent reviews and tips for all the best models out there.

Once you have decided on what type of car you would like to purchase you should compare prices and models before shelling out any of your hard earned cash.

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